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pulsd tasks

The simplest task management in the world.

Coming in spring 2012 as our first addition to the simple and light weight pulsd suite. pulsd tasks will allow you to manage tasks plainly and without any strings attached. Across all devices. But just that: tasks.

pulsd BitShop

Hassle free software and patch distribution.

With pulsd BitShop your software distribution will turn as easy as never before. Find out for yourself, what all the buzz is about and how exactly BitShop can help you.

pulsd platform

The best components to launch your eBusiness on WindowsAzure.

We have taken all of our WindowsAzure experience and created some core components that make the launch of your eBusiness in the cloud a lot easier. Monitoring, AutoScale, Content Generation and Delivery, InPlace Upgrading and Scheduled Execution.

pulsd sales - fashion edition

Perfect mobile sales for the fashion industry.

With the new version, we have reworked and simplified the pulsd sales SaaS offering.While some of our customers appreciated the high degree of flexibility we offer with version 2, most customers didn’t make use of the customizing features and found the initial setup too complex for their business cases. This is especially true for smaller companies and workgroups. We encourage that you enroll for the v3 beta to reserve your seat today. For larger companies we still offer the version 2 and an extended onboarding support. Contact our service team for details or enroll for pulsd sales v3 today.

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