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pulsd BitShop released - remains free

And how ! You can get the all-in package, including code, support packages and documentation for this solution. BitShop is built on top of WindowsAzure and eliminates your software disribution hassle for the time being and as long as you are not a pure play SaaS provider.

Some cosmetic on our website

Some of you may have noticed that we have made changes to the look and feel of this website. We did this because we felt, the existing website did not transport our understanding for usability and design pretty well. And since we are very interested in your feedback, go and drop us a line how you like this site now.

pulsd CEO joins the CW cloud expert circle

The ComputerWoche expert circle comprises of nine well known cloud computing speakers, authors as well as executives from major cloud companies. Go and have a look !

Case Study - Trendmark
Microsoft has published a case study (german only) about pulsd and our loyal customer "Trendmark Fashion". Learn about their scenario and how they are using pulsd sales to do more business.
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