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Live Demo

Watch BitShop in action

We have created a whitelable demo of BitShop. Go ahead and have a look at it. This is the perfect starting point and will give you an accurate feeling, how you can use this product to support your business and get rid of software and patch distribution issues.


We are giving full support for BitShop

Even if you want to completely customize BitShop, our team is here to help. We will release several videos and additional support documentation during March. In any case, before or after that, feel free to contact us at any time and with any issue. We believe that you can never have a bad question. Only insufficient support.

License Terms

Free to use forever, if you get the bits before November 2011

pulsd has released BitShop into a wave of huge and positive feedback. So we have decided to extend the promo period. Get your's at absolutely no cost today. The documentation and sources are issued under the Microsoft Public License (MSPL). You may use them to operate your own adapted version on WindowsAzure and make any amendments that help your business scenario. You may however not distribute BitShop as your own licensed product. With the beginning of December, BitShop will be sold to ISVs around the globe for 5.000 €.

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